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Denton Village SID

Village Traffic and Speeding

Parish Councillors recently conducted a village walkabout with a Lincolnshire County Councillor to look at the problem areas in and around the village and ways in which they may be addressed.

Denton Parish Council, in partnership with LCC Highways, LCC Cllr Bob Adams and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership are working to resolve some of the issues that are having an impact on the village such as:

  • Speeding through the village.
  • Increase in LGV’s through the village.
  • Parking issues, including at school times.

A number of options are both being considered and planned and where practical will be implemented at the earliest possible time.

These include:

  • Regular relocation of the Speed Indicator Device (SID).
  • Increased analysis and use of the SID data.
  • Reporting of SID Data to Lincolnshire Police and LCC Highways.
  • Improved signage to include gated type signs at key entry points to the village.
  • Practicalities of establishing a village volunteer  “Speedwatch” group.

The Parish Council are limited in their enforcement powers, but continue to press for support from the relevant authorities and would like to thank the community for their patience.

Remember, any incidents that are of concern can be reported to Lincolnshire Police via 101 for non-emergencies. From speaking to them, the reports are logged and recorded to enable trends and recurring incidents to be investigated and appropriate action taken.

We are looking at a number of “quick fixes” for a short term solution and what support is available in the longer term.

Denton Parish Council