Denton Children’s Play Area 

Information on the project to update and refurbish the village play area.

The village children’s play area is in desperate need of renovation and upgrading to make it more accessible and suitable for children in the village to enjoy in a safe, inclusive and active environment.

Prior to Cllr Sarah Turtle standing down from the Parish Council, Sarah had carried out significant research regarding the play area.  Cllr Paul Gibbins has taken on the project and has made further progress and with their combined efforts the Parish Council is now in a better position to understand the needs and importantly, what the Parish Council can do to get the project moving forward. The play area is owned by South Kesteven District Council, and they would have to be consulted on any plans to replace and renovate the equipment.

Paul and Sue Bellamy have had a meeting with a representative from SKDC to enquire how much support was available. It was emphasised that the playground equipment was over 30 years old and should be brought up to date. Unfortunately, budget constraints for complete refurbishment are not available, but SKDC would look into possible funding for making good the present equipment and the surrounding area.

From this, the Parish Council have concluded that if the playground is to be brought up to date, we will have to be proactive.

The proposed action by the Parish Council is as follows:

1. Consult with the community, especially those of Hungate Road, regarding improving the playground and consider any potential issues.

2. If the consultation proves positive, to establish a Playground Sub Committee and associated bank account to keep any funding obtained separate from that of the Parish precept.

3. Contact all local SKDC and LCC councillors regarding any availability of funding from local government. i.e Invest SK, LCC Open Spaces etc.

4. Explore other potential funding sources and assistance available from local enterprises, village fund raising events, Denton Charitable Trust and Lottery Funding.

5. The Parish Council already have one quote and are looking to obtain further quotes and plans for new equipment. (SKDC could possibly assist with contacts and potential discounts).

To enable the best options to be considered and costed, the council will be conducting a survey into how the community would like to see the area developed. All suggestions and comments will be treated in the strictest confidence and on completion the most practical options identified and costed. The community will be then canvassed on the preferred option before a final decision is made.

Please get involved as this is your community and complete the survey on page 4 and send to the Parish Clerk, or post in the suggestions box in the village phone kiosk, or complete the form available on the Parish Website and email to the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council is committed to improving this community asset, ensuring it is fit for purpose and safe to use, and with the help of the residents can produce a safe, modern and enjoyable play area for the children.


Cllr Sue Bellamy (Chair)

Cllr Vince Aldred (Vice Chair)

Cllr Martin Crush

Cllr Paul Gibbins

Cllr Robert Leadenham

Parish Clerk: James McCloskey

Denton Parish Council