Denton Village


The Newsletter of Denton Parish Council

Issue No 4 – Autumn 2020

Your Councillors

Cllr Martin Crush

Cllr Sue Bellamy

Cllr Sarah Turtle

Cllr Vincent Aldred.

Message from the Councillors

With the recent loss of Councillors Jon Bell, Dominic Welby and Sara Skelton, the council began the co-option process to fill the vacancies.

Cllr Martin Crush was elected to the Chair and brings a wealth of experience as a long standing councillor.

The Parish Council would like to reassure the community that they are continuing to work in the best interests of the village and any concerns can be brought before the council

New Councillor

We would like the residents of the village to join the council in welcoming a new member, Vincent Aldred who has recently been co-opted onto the council. We all look forward to working with Vincent and his knowledge and skills will benefit the community as a whole

Three vacancies remain on the Parish Council and potential candidates welcomed to get in touch. If you are interested and want more information on how you can get involved, please contact either the Parish Clerk or speak to one of the councillors.

All contact information can be found on the Parish Council website or by contacting the clerk on

Community and Village Matters


All the Parish Council all appreciative of the ongoing efforts of the volunteers from the village in keeping the areas around Denton reservoir clear of litter from the minority of visitors who do not respect the environment.

The Parish Council ae still very much aware of the problems and have met with the Canal and River Trust to discuss the matter and the best way forward. It is hoped the trust will become more active in maintaining the area and the council will continue to monitor the situation as necessary.

A very big thank you and well done to you all from all the councillors.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Parish Council have welcomed Charlie Vickers to fulfil the volunteering element for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Charlie will be undertaking a number of varied tasks to aid the Parish Council, including how the play area may be re-established and improved along with other aspects of the village. Please encourage him in his endeavours.

The Parish Council is happy to support the scheme and should any other young member of the village wish to volunteer as part of the scheme, please contact the Parish Clerk for further information.


Following a recent inspection, the defibrillator located at the village hall was found to be in poor condition and beyond repair.

The Parish Council has undertaken to have the defibrilator replaced and relocated to a more accessible location. The recommended location (as adopted by many parish councils) is the recently refurbished phone kiosk (see separate item) and quote have been obtained for this installation and approved by council vote at the 12 September Parish Council meeting.

To ensure that the village does not lose this important emergency facility councillors have arranged for a temporary unit until a new one can be installed in the phone kiosk.

This issue is ongoing and the councillors involved are thanked for their perseverance and achievement so far.

Village Phone Kiosk

Another vote of thanks must be made for the hard work undertaken in restoring the phone kiosk. Many have commented how much improved it looks and despite not being able yet to return to is former use as book exchange due to safeguarding, it still remains a valuable village asset. This is entirely due to Cllr Sue Bellamy and her husband, Martin.

Again, a vote of thanks to you both for your hard work on behalf of the community.

Covid 19

As the COVID 19 situation continues to affect our lives the Parish Council would like to remind everyone that if they are in need of any assistance at all, please get in touch either directly or through the Parish Clerk.

School Parking

This remains an issue which impacts across the village, especially at drop off and pick up times and the Parish Council remain committed to addressing this issue with the co-operation of Lincolnshire Police and the school itself.

Overgrown Hedges

All householders are politely reminded of the need to ensure their hedges bordering footways and roadsides are kept well-trimmed and are not in any way causing an obstruction, especially when pedestrians have to step into the road to avoid injury. This is of great concern with children attending the school.


The recent installed speed indicator is working well and is having an impact; however there are still a minority who will ignore the speed limits and the proximity of parked cars and the school is of concern, especially as damage was caused recently when a vehicle mounted the footway at the village hall damaging the gate.

If you witness any such incidents they should be reported to Lincolnshire Police on 101.

Road Safety

The Parish Council are looking into installing “gated” type welcome roadside signage at key locations into and out of the village.

Many villages now have these to aid and advise of care while driving through the village. It is hoped during the coming months to source suitable signs and appoint a qualified contractor to install them.

Dog Waste

It is appreciated the majority of dog owners act in a responsible manner, there remains the minority who do not clean up after their animals.

As well as being unsightly, it also poses a health hazard, especially when left where children play.

The Parish Council would like to appeal to all dog owners to make use of the bins provided and ensure the village is kept Safe and tidy.


As Autumn takes hold and we are clearing our gardens before Winter sets in, the Parish Council would like to remind villagers to be mindful and take into consideration their neighbour's and indeed the village as a whole and elicit due care and attention on the lighting of bonfires.