Parish Council Meeting Monday 28 June 2021 - Agenda

Denton Parish Council

All Parish Councillors are summoned to attend a

Parish Council Meeting

Monday 28 June 2021

Commencing at 19:30 hrs (7:30pm) in Denton Village Hall

This meeting will be recorded

COVID - 19

In accordance with the Government road map for easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the next Parish Council Meeting will be held in accordance with those confirmed on the 14 June 2021.

Denton Parish Council have a legal requirement to hold a duly convened full Parish Council Meeting to approve and “wet” sign the AGAR pt 2e of the Annual Internal Audit for submission to the externakl auditors no later than Friday 2 July 2021.

Having carefully consider the options, in the interest of public safety and allowing public access to the meeting the Council have chosen to conduct this meeting in the village hall, subject to any further lockdown restrictions on numbers attending which may restrict public attendance.

While this is not desired, the Parish Council must comply with the legal requirements of the audit and those of central government.


Agenda Serial          Agenda Item

1          Welcome Address – Council Chair

2          Co-Option of new Parish Council Member.       

            a. Resolution to Co-Opt Robert Leadenham onto Denton Parish Council as a member.

            b. Declaration of acceptance.

3          Attendees. Record of those in attendance.

4          Parish Councillor Apologies: Resolution to Accept

5          Minutes of Previous Meeting: Resolution to Approve minutes of the Parish Council meeting held Monday 10 May 2021

6          Parish Council Declarations Of Pecuniary Interest: Resolution to Note.

7          Public Forum:

NB: Should the COVID-19 restrictions remain in force and limit those present to six, the Parish Council will accept written questions or comments from the public. These are to be sent to the clerk Not Later Than 5 pm Friday 25 June 2021 for inclusion in the meeting.

8          County and District Councillors.

9          Lincolnshire Police

10        Parish Clerk: Update on outstanding and ongoing business.

a. Parish Council meetings – Village Hall post COVID-19 restrictions.

11       Parish Council: Update and Discussion on outstanding and ongoing Parish Council matters.

a. Traffic, SID update

b. Playground

c. Denton Reservoir

d. Denton Charities Committee – Parish Council Member

12        RFO Financial Report

Accounts Reconciliation 

a. Resolution to approve accounts for period:  

FY 2021/22 Period: AP02  1 to 31 May 2021



CYB Opening Balance









 CYB Closing Balance


Period Transaction Record



Transfer MOB, James McCloskey, Business Expenses







Transfer MOB, Print Bureau Team, Job 21-23000




Transfer RIB, Jayne Mary Newman, DENTON PC




Transfer RIB, James McCloskey, Salary



b. AGAR 2020-21 Internal Audit. Resolution to approve, sign and submit to External Auditor PKF Littlejohn No Later than Friday 2 July 2021.

AGAR Pt 2e.


The deadline by which the Annual Governance Statement and Statement of Accounts of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) together with any certificate or opinion issued by the local auditor must be published is the 30 September 2021

There is a requirement for all smaller authorities to have a common period for the exercise of public rights, being the first 10 working days of July.

The submission deadline for the receipt of the approved AGAR and supporting documentation or the Certificate of Exemption (as appropriate) is Friday 2 July 2020.

AGAR Pt 2e must be approved and “wet” signed at a duly convened meeting of the Parish Council by the Chair of the Parish Council and the RFO not later than Wednesday 30 July 2021.

13        Planning Applications.

a.         Review Applications Received for Parish Council Representation.

Application No: S21/1084

Proposal: Crab Apples T1. T2. To Remove. G1. Overhanging branches into school

yard - to trim back the branches level with boundary

Location: Denton Church Of England Primary School

App Type: Trees in CA - Section 211 Notice


b.         Review Applications – SKDC Decision Notifications.

None received at the time of the meeting.

14        New Business for Next Meeting: Review outstanding business

15        Meeting Close and Next Meeting

            Next meeting - TBC

            Venue and format to be confirmed subject to lifting of COVID -19 restrictions


Parish Clerk


Members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting subject to compliance with extant COVID 19 restrictions.